Weald of Kent Ploughing Match

Hop Competition

The Hop Competition is an annual event held in October following the completion of the hop harvest.

Growers draw samples from their best Hop Pockets and they are then displayed to the judges in classes by variety. The judges score them on freedom of pest and disease, colour, maturity, wholeness of cone and their aroma. The high Alpha Acid varieties and also judged on their analysis of Alpha Acid content. This determines how much bittering value the hops have.

After the judges have completed the judging, the show is opened to the entrants and their staff all others for all to see. Brewers and members of the Hop Trade also attend the show.

Hop Competition and Annual Ploughing Match Prize-Giving
Marden Cricket Club
Howland Road
Date to be decided. Doors open from 6pm
Entrance by Ticket ONLY