Weald of Kent Ploughing Match
Weald of Kent Ploughing Match
Weald of Kent Ploughing Match

South Eastern Shire Horse Association
Official Rules of Horse Ploughing

1. Competitors may open in two or three furrows at their discretion but in every case ALL GROUND must be moved. This rule shall not apply to ley ground.

2. Each competitor must show TEN furrows before starting to split out to their neighbour’s work. Before starting to split out Competitors must check that the neighbour has completed FIVE furrows also.

3. Competitors continue to turn to the plot with the next highest number until their own is completed. The last furrow must be thrown towards the Competitor’s own crown.

4. All ploughing must be a minimum of FIVE INCHES deep except for the first two furrows i.e., one of each side of the crown – and the last two furrows at the finish… these shall be left to the discretion of the Competitor.

5. Each Competitor shall be allowed ONE ASSISTANT ONLY on the plot to lead the horses if desired for the opening split out and the first three turns around the crown and/or for the last three turns of the finish. Any other leading than this on the Competitor’s plot will cost an IMMEDIATE DEDUCTION of a minimum of TWENTY-FIVE points from the Competitor’s final marking.

6. The Competitor alone must set and/or adjust the plough.

7. HANDLING. There must be NO handling or shaping of the work after the veering has been completed.

8. Provided that the Stewards are alerted immediately allowance will be made for time lost through a genuine breakdown or through delay of having to wait for a neighbour but such allowance is entirely at the discretion of the Judges’ Stewards.

9. Competitors must use BOTH HORSES of their team throughout the entire competition but, for the LAST THREE TURNS ONLY, the horses may be driven in tandem. AT NO TIME may a single horse be used.

10. Competitors not finishing their plot or having been disqualified shall forfeit all right to any prize in the Horse or Harness Classes in the Ploughing Competition.

11. Boats, Presses and Seamers may be used ONLY IN HIGH CUT CLASSES.

12. Penalties shall apply for lack of depth, wrongful assistance, handling work after the veering is completed, late finishing or otherwise breaking or failing to abide by these Rules.

13. MARKING shall be out of a total of Two Hundred Points as follows: Crown 35 points; Firmness or Packing 30 points; Skimmers 30 points; Uniformity 25 points; ‘Ins and Outs’ 10 points; Finish 40 points; Split 10 points; Straightness 20 points.

14. Size of Plots: for Three Hours’ Work 7 yds. x 80 yds. (or the equivalent i.e., 560 sq. yds.). The Class for the Best Turned Out Plough Team shall be judged before Ploughing begins. The Best Pair of Horses shall be selected during the Ploughing . It is intended that there shall be a clear 12 yds. for the headland. In the event of any protest or appeal the decision made jointly by the Chairman, the Chief Steward and the Plot Steward shall be Final and Binding.

Prizes: 1st £12 2nd £8 3rd £5

A TROPHY donated by the late F. C. Hall, Esq., for the Best Turn-Out.

A TROPHY presented by the Association to the Winner

ROSETTES to be presented to the pair of Shires or Shire-type horses that the Judge would most like to own. Presented by South Eastern Shire Horse Association.